Square Enix and Mobage Join Forces for Final Fantasy Tactics S

Square Enix and Mobage Join Forces for Final Fantasy Tactics S

Final Fantasy Tactics is an awesome turn-based strategy game, and it looks like we’re going to get a new version of the game with Final Fantasy Tactics S from Square Enix and Mobage. Yes, we just said Final Fantasy Tactics and Mobage…

Square Enix has put up a Japanese teaser site to promote the new game, and while details are thin we know it will be called Final Fantasy Tactics S. We’ve learned that it’s supposed to be a social game of sorts, and a spinoff of Ivalice Alliance. The game will also feature several elements from Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift. As it’s a team-up with Mobage it’s also pretty safe to assume the game will be “freemium” and there are going to be a lot of in-app purchases.

We’re not exactly sure how that’s going to play out with a turn-based strategy game, but we’re sure they’ll figure something out. This won’t be the first Final Fantasy Tactics game to hit mobiles as War of the Lions was ported to iOS. It will be the first new Tactics game for Android, and you can bet it will be a lot of fun if IAP’s don’t get in the way.

Final Fantasy Tactics S doesn’t have a release date yet, and there’s been no official word from Square Enix or Mobage outside of the teaser site with Mobage’s name attached. We’ll update you when we learn more.

Final Fantasy Tactics S

Source – FinalFantasy.net, Toucharcade

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