Prepare your Judy Chop for Kairosoft’s Ninja Story

Prepare your Judy Chop for Kairosoft’s Ninja Story


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Last week Kairosoft dropped Dream House Days and this week they’ve put out a Japanese game we’ve dubbed Kairosoft Ninja Story. Yup, you’ll get to deal with a town full of Ninjas which hopefully will be just as cool as it sounds…The translated version of the Play store text describes the Kairosoft Ninja Story something like this. You’ll run a Ninja town called Shinobi where you’ll do things like sell timber and ore to travelers stopping in. You’ll use the cash to fund a your military, buy equipment, and deck out your soldiers and there appears to be some battling as there’s mention of “cover for gun barrel of the battle” whatever that means. There’s also mention of historically famous Warlords which sounds interesting, but the thing I’m most curious about is whether he game will be free or paid when an English version is released.

I love Kairosoft, and I believe their simulation games are the best around. That being said, they are starting to irritate some folks with the whole IAP setup in their new freemium games and I hope this isn’t the way all their future releases are going to go. Regardless, I’m obviously pumped for Kairosoft Ninja Story… all it took was seeing a pink bunny with Wolverine claws and I was sold. No word on when or if the Ninja game will see an English version (still waiting on Horse Racing), but we’ll keep you informed when we learn more.

Ninja Story


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