Jokerware releases Love Gears for Android

Jokerware releases Love Gears for Android


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Monsters are generally known to be scary, but some monsters are more of the loving sort. Those are the types of monsters you’ll find in Love Gears from Jokerware as it’s an Android all about love, gears, and monsters.

Love Gears is a tale of two monsters hooking up, and I mean that literally. Each level has a blue monster in a trash can, and a pink one hanging from a rope. Your job is to move gears around the playing field in order to lower the pink monster down to the blue one.If you’re successful the lovin’ commences and a couple of new family members are added. By the numbers Love Gears offers up 54 levels, two loving monsters and around 162 monster babies if you complete all the levels.

Love Gears is an odd, but fun puzzle game that’s simple to play and easy on the eyes. My only concern was with the difficulty; the first (trial) levels were extremely easy so I’m hoping things toughen up as you progress through the game. You can check out the first 8 levels for free in the trial version and if you like what you see the full version can be yours for $0.99. You can pick up either version of Jokerware’s Love Gears on Google Play.

Love Gears


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