Help Garfield take on the undead in Garfield Zombie Defense

Help Garfield take on the undead in Garfield Zombie Defense


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It looks like everyone’s favorite fat feline is back for another adventure as Web Prancer has released Garfield Zombie Defense for Android. Its tower defense done up in true Garfield fashion complete with ghouls, zombies, and Odie of course.

Garfield Zombie Defense is set in Muncie, Indiana after a radiation leak wreaks havoc on mamma Leoni’s lasagna factory. After some unsuspecting residents and pets ate the tainted food they turned into lasagna craving zombies, unfortunately the Arbuckle household has the last batch of lasagna. You’ll take control of Garfield and his friends as they try to fend of the zombies and keep that last plate of food safe in the fridge. The game plays like a straight up TD game, but uses mice with slingshots and pie throwing chicks instead of the usual bullet wielding towers.

If you’ve enjoyed the other Garfield games there’s no doubt you’ll want to check this one out although you’ll only get to test the first 3 levels for free. If you like what you see you can unlock the rest of the game for $0.99 through the IAP setup. If you feel like taking down a few hundred zombies you can pick up Web Prancer’s Garfield Zombie Defense on Google Play.

Garfield Zombie Defense

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