Gree releases Baseball Card Battler MLB Full Deck for Android

Gree releases Baseball Card Battler MLB Full Deck for Android


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Every week more Card Battling games are added to Google Play, and MLB Full Deck from Gree is the latest to grace us with its presence. What makes this one different from the thousands of other Card games out there? Well, it’s all about baseball and it’s an officially licensed Major League product which means you get real players and real teams.

MLB Full Deck lets you piece together your own baseball team with the goal of having the best team on the planet. The game is loaded with over 650 player profiles and uses real MLB stats and photos so it’s about as good as it gets as far as putting a “real” fantasy team together on your mobile. Once you put your dream team together you get to set your lineups and rotations before hitting the field in simulated games. While the games are nothing special, you’ll earn coins from playing them and you’ll use those coins to buy new players for your team. As you’d expect the better players will cost more and Gree has that covered with IAP setup that lets you purchase premium currency to buy the high-end packs.

I was extremely excited to see MLB Full Deck pop up on Google Play, but was pretty disappointed once I fired it up and started playing. The concept is simple and there are tons of players to collect, but the game seems geared heavily towards IAP if you want the good stuff. The graphics didn’t really “pop” on my S3 either, and the simulated games seemed rather clunky at times. If you’re a baseball fanatic you’ll still want to give it a look, I just wish the game had a bit more polish and less IAP.

MLB Full Deck

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