Web Prancer releases Garfield’s Escape for Android

Web Prancer releases Garfield’s Escape for Android


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Web Prancer have released four popular Garfield games and now they’re back with another called Garfield’s Escape. A few of the previous games had Garfield going on the offensive, but this one has him running for his life as he tries to escape the one thing all cats hate… baths.

Its bath time in the Arbuckle house and Jon has just bought a brand new invention that makes bathing pets a cinch, the Bath-o-Matic Robot.  Needless to say Garfield and Odie aren’t a fan or baths or robots. Garfield Escape puts your reflexes to the test as you’ll have to run, jump, dive and climb over anything in your path if you want to stay ahead of the Bath-o-Matic. Garfield Escape offers up 15 levels set across four different parts of the Arbuckle household to go along with two challenging Endless modes. As for the extras you can collect items while speeding through the stages to unlock a bonus level, and you can get special-edition Garfield wallpapers for completing each stage.

While I haven’t had a chance to check out Garfield’s Escape, it’s always nice to see our fat little friend come out with a new game. This one’s quite a bit different from the previous titles, but looks to be just as fun if you’re a fan of Garfield and the gang. There’s no free version of the game available at this time, but the full version of Garfield’s Escape is on sale (limited time) for $0.99 on Google Play.

Garfield’s Escape

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