The Best Tower Defense Games for Android

The Best Tower Defense Games for Android

If you like a bit of strategy in your games, the Tower Defense genre is a great way to go. With that in mind we came up with a list of the Best Tower Defense Games for Android that we hope you will enjoy.

1. Grave Defense HD

This engaging game is an automatic entry into any top 10 tower defense android game list. The definitive aspect of Grave Defense is that it boasts an engaging and unique storyline that will keep enthusiasts interested. In addition, there are a variety of zombies, as well as a huge number of weapons on which you can wreak havoc on the zombie hordes with. Of course, the great graphics and interesting gameplay means that this game is a solid winner. There is a paid version for $2.59, along with a free “downgraded” version.

2. Robo Defense

Robo Defense bills itself as “the ultimate portable tower game experience” and this claim is arguably justified. Unlocking new types of towers or getting permanent tower upgrades is facilitated by an innovative persistent points system. The open map style also provides a refreshing yet challenging difference to the usual set paths of tower defense. Although not flashy, the graphics are decent, with an unassuming, almost retro feel. There is a free version of Robo Defense with 1 map, while the paid version costs $2.99 and comes with 5 full maps.

3. Fieldrunners HD

Fieldrunners HD, one of the most raved about games, provides many features which makes it deserving of a placement on top tower defense games list. This game has great graphics, which show well especially on larger screens. While the gameplay is quite similar to most other tower games, it boasts addictive gameplay that is well suited to even the most casual of gamers. Fieldrunners HD comes at the price of $2.99.

4. Guns n’ Glory WW2

This game utilizes the unique idea of setting a tower defense game during World War 2. You can choose to be one of the Allies or one of the Axis as you fight, with advanced features such as having movable towers and enemies that return fire. Added to that, the cartoon styled graphics gives this game a light, fun feel. There is a free version of Guns n Glory, as well as a Premium version for $5.19.

5. Sentinel 3

Sentinel 3 offers some of the best graphics in tower defense games for a proper HD experience. Your base here is outer space, where you must battle aliens with a giant robot mech that adds to the intrigue. Of course, there is also a huge variety of upgradeable weapons to fight the alien masses as they attack, all to the sound of an exclusive soundtrack by Specimen A. A worthy pick for any android top 10 tower defense selection. Users can purchase Sentinel 3 from the Google Play store for $2.98.

6. Myth Defense: Light Forces

With 18 maps, 22 tower types and 33 levels of difficulty, this is one tower defense game sure to keep devotees playing for hours on end. A challenging yet enjoyable game, it does not skimp on looks, providing polished yet detailed graphics. Add in an interesting mythology background, and it becomes clear that Myth Defense is solid choice in any android defense gamer’s collection. A limited version of Myth Defense can be downloaded for free, while the full version costs $3.95.

7. Jelly Defense

The unique design of the environment and characters in this game makes for a distinctive experience in this game. The intriguing red and blue wiggling jelly like characters are accentuated by the monochromatic background that really makes the entire game stand out in an eye popping fashion. The map also has a child-like texture which is also distinctive, but the challenging nature of the game means that grownups will certainly be tested to the fullest extent of their strategy skills. Jelly Defense costs $3.17.

8. Armored Defense 2

Armored Defense 2 provides the player with huge maps on which to fight. There is lots of action available, and the high quality graphics mean that it looks good in addition to challenging yet fun gameplay. There are also other interesting features such as some of the vehicles having a “stealth” mode. There is a free version, while the paid version is $2.59.

9. Tower Defense

Tower Defense  has positive aspects going for it in almost every category. With unique positives and drawbacks for every weapon used and 24 challenging levels, this is the thinking man’s tower defense game. Of course, beautiful 3D scenes along with active Facebook support communities mean that hard core tower defense gamers definitely have this in their top 10 list. Tower defense is available to be downloaded for free.

10. Plants vs. Zombies

One of the best known tower defense games, plants vs. zombies sees the undead pitted against a vast array of zombie killing plants. The adventure mode provides a number of levels to play, while the Almanac providing “facts” and quotes makes for enjoyable and engaging gameplay. Plants vs. Zombies can be bought for $2.99.

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