Slice and Dice photos in Snap Shot Ninja for Android

Slice and Dice photos in Snap Shot Ninja for Android


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The Slicing Game. It’s one form of Android game that’s been done to death, so when you stumble across a game like Snap Shot Ninja you’ve got to give it a look. How does SnapShot Ninja stack up against the rest of the slicing pack? Keep reading to find out…

Slicing games and Ninja’s go together like peanut butter and jelly, this is a well-known fact. While ninja’s are never too keen on having their pictures taken, they do like to slice them up. Thus is the premise of Snap Shot Ninja the game that lets you ninja slice photos of anything you’d like. You can take a picture of your enemy, a bird or a motorcycle helmet and then you can slice it up in the game. Putting photos into the game is pretty straightforward as you load them, and then select the area you want cut-out; needless to say you can do some interesting things with the game. If you just want to slice things without loading your own pics Snap Shot Ninja does have a few classic game modes, but nothing spectacular as the real point of the app is to slice up your own photos.

Snap Shot Ninja is an interesting game, but a little disappointing in one area. There are free and paid versions available, but the free version of the game actually doesn’t let you cut out pictures… you only get to do the arcade modes which as mentioned, aren’t anything great. Not a fan of those kinds of marketing ploys. The game is interesting and well worth a buck if you want to cut your friends up (without getting into trouble), but I’d hesitate to call it a game you’re going to play a lot. Nice idea, just wish it would have been executed a little better. If you’d like to give it a try you can check out Mappsol’s Snap Shot Ninja on Google Play.

Snap Shot Ninja

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