Punch, Build, and Grow with Robinson Technologies Growtopia for Android

Punch, Build, and Grow with Robinson Technologies Growtopia for Android

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If you’re a fan of the Minecraft style of games there’s a new Android game called Growtopia you’re going to want to check out.  The tagline for the game is Punch, Build, and Grow which is exactly what you’ll be doing alone or online with your buddies.

Growtopia is a building game in the vein of Minecraft where you’ll gather materials from the world around you to build your own little universe. Instead of digging you’ll “Punch” the ground to get dirt or other materials and if you come across any seeds you’ll want to plant them to get trees. You can mix and match seeds for new stuff, build anything you like, and you can even connect your little utopia to someone else’s via a door you can build. While you can build your own isolated world you’re also able to join up with others or you can create a world with a password and just invite whomever you wish. It’s part building game, part platformer, and 100% fun.Growtopia is the brainchild of Seth A. Robinson and Mike Hommel and while I haven’t had much time to spend with the game yet, I’m definitely diggin’ what I’ve seen so far. This is coming from someone who really doesn’t care for Minecraft so that’s saying something.  We’ll have a full review of this one sometime next weekend, but I highly advise you to go ahead and check it out for yourself; just remember it’s still in Beta. On a side note to Robinson Technologies… a lot of us would enjoy a little L.O.R.D. on the Android, just sayin’. If you’re ready to Punch, Build, and Grow you can check out Growtopia for free on Google Play.


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