NewRain releases Ancient Engine: Labyrinth for Android

NewRain releases Ancient Engine: Labyrinth for Android

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The Maya’s may not have predicted our impending doom (yet), but you can still solve a few of their mysteries with Ancient Engine: Labyrinth from NewRain. It doesn’t involve the apocalypse, but it is a nice little physics puzzler that involves gears.

Ancient Engine: Labyrinth is a maze-based puzzle game that simply requires you to move a little ball from point A to point B. The actual puzzles are set inside gears and you’ll turn those gears to move the ball which sends it rolling towards the goal. It’s a simple premise, but the game is difficult as you’ll have to hit switches to open gates while avoiding obstacles like spikes and pools of water.

Don’t let the simple look of Ancient Engine: Labyrinth fool you as it’s a challenging little game. I’m not sure how many levels there are at this time so I’m a little concerned about depth; there are 20 showing in “pack 1” but I haven’t seen hide nor hair of any other packs. That being said, the game is free and it’s quite a bit of fun. If you want to give it a go you can pick up NewRain’s Ancient Engine: Labyrinth for free on Google Play.

Ancient Engine: Labyrinth


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