Lootworks releases Epic Swords onto Google Play

epic swords for android


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Occasionally we stumble across a new Android game that kicks things up a notch and such is the case with Epic Swords from Lootworks. This little gem is part RPG, part hack n’ slash, and 100% fun.epic swords 1

Epic Swords is a sword fighting game of the finest fashion. You get to travel through dungeons taking on skeletons and other baddies, and you’ll get to do it all through gestures. The game uses a similar setup to Blood & Glory, but you’ll be taking enemies on up close and personal instead of with a 3rd person view of the action. The action is swipe-based which isn’t necessarily new, but it’s very well done and different weapons require different gestures and have different effects on your enemies. The game is in Beta right now, but there’s been plenty to do thus far and the game is pretty hard to put down once you start playing. There are some very cool features included as well which I won’t discuss here as it’s better to let you find them yourself when you’re learning the ropes of the game.

I’ve been nothing but impressed with Epic Swords thus far, and if this is the Beta I cannot wait to see the final product. The game is pretty solid now, but there are a lot of cool features that could be added to put the game over the top. Epic Swords may just shape up to be one of the more Epic games of the year, we’ll just have to wait and see. You can check out the fully functioning Beta version of Epic Swords for free, we’ll be back with more on the game as things progress.

Epic Swords

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