Help the Gaarg Destroy Everything in Universe Pandemic for Android

Help the Gaarg Destroy Everything in Universe Pandemic for Android


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Plague games are always loads of fun, and we got a new one this week with Universe Pandemic from Polygon Attraction. As the name implies it’s a game that’s all about the plague, but with a nice little twist…Universe Pandemic for Android

Polygon Attraction puts your death dealing skills to the test as you’ll try to wipe out everyone in existence. Most plague games have you take over countries or the entire Earth, but Universe Pandemic does things a little differently as you’ll attempt to wipe out everyone, everywhere on every planet in the universe. Some planets will much easier to take down than others and each planet offers up a different challenge. By the numbers Universe Pandemic offers up 6 planets to conquer, 3 types of viruses, 33 unique virus traits, and 13 viral abilities.

I only gave this one the briefest of plays yesterday, but I definitely liked what I saw. The interface is simple to use, and there seems to be more than enough depth to keep you entertained for a while. It’s also cool to see more planets, abilities, and customization is already planned… definitely not a bad thing. At this time there’s no demo of the game, but you can pick up the free version of Polygon Attraction’s Universe Pandemic for $0.99 on Google Play.

Universe Pandemic

Polygon Attraction

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