Help Save Humanity in PaperBigfoot’s Noah’s Ark for Android

Help Save Humanity in PaperBigfoot’s Noah’s Ark for Android


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One of my favorite parts of covering Android games is finding cool little Indie games. Noah’s Ark from PaperBigfoot is a game fits the bill as it’s definitely an Indie and it’s as cool as the other side of the pillow.

Noah’s Ark is a fast-paced match em’ game that has you saving humanity by collecting animals aboard an Ark. When you first fire up the game you senses are assaulted by cool chiptunes and animals falling from the sky. You have to tilt your device to move the boat and catch the falling animal heads and in true Noah’s Ark fashion you’ll want to pair the animals up when possible. You’ll also want to tap on certain birds zipping across the screen to collect power-ups which adds another layer of difficulty to the game. Each level has its own set of goals, and the game has three levels of difficulty that will truly put your skills to the test.

Noah’s Ark was totally not what I expected even after reading the description. It’s a match-2 game on speed with a cool retro flair, and it’s also one of the most intense matching games I’ve played. That’s a good thing because as frustrating as it gets it makes you come back for more as you want to find out what the next challenge is. There’s no free version available at this time, but you can pick up the full version of PaperBigfoot’s Noah’s Ark for $0.99 on Google Play.

Noah’s Ark

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