Help Panda take a Bath in Splash from Joseph Pinkasfeld

Help Panda take a Bath in Splash from Joseph Pinkasfeld

As we move forward into 2013 it’s fun to sometimes look back on games we missed last year. Splash by Joseph Pinkasfeld is one such game and if you’re looking to have some physics-based fun it’s well worth checking out.

Splash is the story of a Panda that loves bubbles and rubber ducks. The lil’ Panda longs to take a bath, but has lost his rubbery ducky’s and your job is to help him get them back. To do this you’ll have to master controlling the water bubble that the Panda moves around in along with the game’s controls. You simply have to tilt your phone to move about in the bubble, and once you “collect” a duck you only need to double tap to release it when you’re over the tub. If you’re thinking it sounds too easy you’re right as it’s much trickier than it sounds and a whole lotta’ fun. By the numbers Splash offers up 60 levels split across 4 different areas to go along with 60 unlockable wallpapers.

Splash is a surprisingly fun game that’s really gotten no love on Android from what I can tell. It’s been out in the Amazon app store since September, and there’s not a single comment or rating to show for it. Splash needs to make its way to Google Play if it wants to get a wider audience as it’s a fun little physics-based game that I believe people will really enjoy. I’ll have a full review up on this one next week, and if you want to check it out now you can pick up Joseph Pinkasfeld’s Splash for $1.99 on the Amazon Appstore.


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  1. joseph
    February 24, 2013, 6:51 pm

    Thanks for the news :)
    I followed your advice and put it on Google Play ;)

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