Go Fly a Kite with Kite Fever for Android

Go Fly a Kite with Kite Fever for Android


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Flying a kite is a good way to kill some time on a sunny afternoon, but what about Winter? Kite Fever looks to answer that question by giving you the ability to fly a kite from the comfort of your home.

Kite Fever isn’t a kite simulator, but more of a quick-play game that lets you see how high you can fly a kite. The goal of the game is to let out string while tilting your device left and right to see how far you can go, but as you’d expect they’ll be plenty of obstacles standing in your way.

You’ll have to avoid things like satellite dishes, tree branches and antennas while trying to pick up power-ups like health and speed boosts. Your kite won’t be the only one in the sky though as other kites are constantly in your path, but no worries as you can “cut” them down by running across their string. You’ll have to be careful though as your string can be cut as well.

Kite Fever is a cool little time waster that’s simple, yet effective. There’s no lengthy tutorial to take on, and no annoying in-app purchases. It’s a nice family friendly game that kids and adults can both enjoy, and it’s different… you don’t see dozens of kite flying games out there. If you’d to give it a run you can pick up Likenone’s Kite Fever for free on Google Play.

Kite Fever

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