Evil Labs releases Epic Evil Twins for Android

Evil Labs releases Epic Evil Twins for Android


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Epic Evil Twins is a new shooter from Evil Labs that puts you to work battling the Zombie Apocalypse. So what sets this zombie shooter apart from the hundreds of others floating around on Google Play? How about a unique style, gummi heroes, and online multiplayer action…epic evil twins screenshot

The Trolli Twins, otherwise known as Charming Cherry and Wicked Lemon are the main heroes of this tale and their only job is to destroy zombies. You’ll stroll through the streets blasting zombies at will in single player mode, and you’ll even get to take on the dead online with up to 4 friends in multiplayer mode. The game has six battlefields, three survival arenas, and several different weapons to kill with. You’ll also get some boss battles which is never a bad thing. Epic Evil Twins has a survival mode as well to go along with several unlockable heroes that I assume are color coded.

I just ran across Epic Evil Twins this morning on the Play store, and while I only gave it the briefest of plays it seems to be a solid shooter. The style is interesting as your characters are solid colors set against a detailed backdrop with some destructible objects thrown in for good measure. The weapons are also pretty interesting as you start out with shotguns, but can get peppermint ray guns and shark launchers. I wasn’t able to check out the multiplayer (nobody to invite), but everything else worked well and looked great. If you want to give it a run you can pick up Evil Labs Epic Evil Twins for free on Google Play.

Epic Evil Twins

Evil Labs

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