Craneballs Studios releases Fish Heroes for Android

Craneballs Studios releases Fish Heroes for Android


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Cranballs Studios has impressed us in the past with Overkill and SuperRope, and now they’re back with Fish Heroes for Android. Ready to help Mr. Puffer out against the nefarious Shark Mafia? Keep readin’…

Fish Heroes is the tale of three aquatic friends Mr. Puffer, Mr. Whale, and Mr. Octopus who are out to save smaller fish from the Shark Mafia. You’ll do this by knocking the sharks off their perch similar to how you take out pigs in Angry Birds, but you’ll come at them head on instead of from the side… and everything is in stunning 3D.

Mr. Puffer and friends aren’t ordinary fish though and some of them have special powers. The puffer can inflate to destroy structures from the inside out while Herring Commando’s will split apart to take on multiple sharks. By the numbers Fish Heroes offers up over 100 levels, 20+ achievements, and a shop where you can unlock all the levels or purchase a few power-ups that can make life a bit easier.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first fired up Fish Heroes, and what I got was a pleasant surprise. The game looks great, the physics-flinging is a blast, and to say the soundtrack is catchy would be an understatement. Nice job guys still can’t get that tune out of my head. If you’re looking for some physics-based fun Fish Heroes is a game you’ll definitely want to check out and you can pick it up for free on Google Play.

Fish Heroes

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