Chundos Studios releases Beat the Beast for Android

Chundos Studios releases Beat the Beast for Android

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Tower Defense games come in many forms these days and Chundos Studios Beat the Beast is a good example of that. Do you build towers? Yes, but the layout is something totally different as you’ll quickly find out when you hammer your first beast into oblivion.

Beat the Beast is a Tower Defense game with a twist… the twist being the 360-Degree path to your castle walls. When the Beasts start towards your castle they’ll have to take a tricky winding path, and you’ll have to constantly rotate around the battlefield to keep an eye on things. Think Babylon Rising 3D with towers and you’ll get the idea. As Beat the Beast is a mythical style of game you’ll get to attack with things like catapults, massive hammers, thunder, soul extractors, and black holes. The latter is part of your magical arsenal as no good game involving Beasts & Fairies is complete without a little magic.

I haven’t spent much time with Beat the Beast, but it appears to be a solid Tower Defense game with a very unique layout. The game doesn’t have all that many towers (only five), but the addition of magic and 14 different types of enemies should help to make up for that. There is no free version of the game at this time, but you can pick up the full version of Beat the Beast for only $0.99.


Beat the Beast

Chundos Studios


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