Build your own Paradise on another planet in Oasis The Last Hope for Android

Build your own Paradise on another planet in Oasis The Last Hope for Android

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6waves dropped a new Android game last week that’s flying a bit under the radar. Oasis: The Last Hope is the name of the game and saving humanity is the premise. This one’s not about fighting in a massive space ship or dueling with blades though. Oasis The Last Hope is actually a building/adventure game that takes places on a faraway world…

Oasis The Last Hope is the tale of destruction, hope, and building as a fireball is plummeting towards Earth and it’s up to you to save it. You step into the shoes of a kid trying to find his Uncle who’s gone missing after uncovering secrets that might save the planet. Trouble is those secrets are on a mysterious planet known as Oasis so that’s where you’re headed. Once you arrive on the new planet you’ll have to raise crops and animals, clear land for your home, rescue native people, and take on missions of course. You’ll also hunt for clues about your Uncle while you’re raising ducks and working your land.

Oasis: The Last Hope is your typical building game set on another planet, but that planet is gorgeous and you’re going to have a good time putting together a home there. Star Island Games and 6waves actually put this one out on Facebook for awhile back, but I wasn’t aware of it as I’ve been sans Facebook for around 8 months now… it’s oddly liberating. I’ve yet to try this one out for Android either as its only compatible with my tablet which is in the shop unfortunately. It looks like a good one though if you’re into building games and you can check it out for free on Google Play.

Oasis: The Last Hope

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