The Top 10 Android Games of the Week – December 23, 2012

The Top 10 Android Games of the Week – December 23, 2012

This week’s picks for The Top 10 Android Games of the Week include new titles from a few of the big boys, some very cool indies, and a very popular blue haired hedgehog…

1. Pitfall

Pitfall Harry is back and if you don’t know who he is I’m really disappointed in you. It’s not the same retro game of your youth though as this one is going endless runner style and the worlds a better place for it. It’s a great game for fans of the original or people who’ve never heard of or owned an Atari. You can pick up Activision’s Pitfall for free on Google Play.

2. Anomaly Korea

First they brought us Anomaly Warzone Earth and now 11 bit studios is back with the follow-up… Anomaly Korea. We covered this one earlier in the week; you can read more about it here or pick it up for $2.99 on Google Play.

3. Planets of the Shapes

If you like your platformers a little on the quirky side you need to check out Planets of the Shapes. This oddly named game is all about shapes, and getting them into their proper spots which is much harder and a lot more fun than it sounds. We’ll have more on this one tomorrow, but you can check out the free version now on the Play store.

4. Sonic Jump

Sonic the Hedgehog made an appearance this week with Sega’s aptly named Sonic Jump. It’s a jumping game of sorts and it looks to be a great one if the early reviews are to be believed. It’s one of the few games I haven’t had a chance to play this week, but I definitely plan on spending some time with it on my brief holiday break. Sega’s Sonic Jump is free to download on Google Play.

5. Guns ‘n’ Glory Heroes

Guns ‘n’ Glory Heroes is the 3rd game in the GNG series from Handygames and this time around you’re going to duke it out with some nasty orcs. It’s a great tower defense game that’s sure to keep you busy for a while and you can get it for free on Google Play.

6. Playmobil Pirates

Playmobil Pirates is an interesting new Android game from the folks at Gameloft. It’s part building game, part adventure game, and a whole lotta’ fun. The game has been a pleasant surprise so far and there’s a nice mix of building and action to keep things fresh. It’s a great looking game, it’s free, and it’s especially cool if you played with the toys growing up.

7. Quiver

Arrows and Crystals and Puzzles… Oh my! That’s what I thought after I got ahold of Ludomo Gamestudio’s Quiver. It’s a puzzle game involving arrows and needless to say it’s not your average puzzler. We’ll have more on this little Indie next week; there’s a free version you can try or you can pick up the full version for only a buck.

8. Final Fantasy Dimensions

If you’re a Final Fantasy nut or have read our site this week you already know about Final Fantasy Dimensions. It’s the latest from the team at Square Enix, it’s full of cool pixel art, and it’s set in the realm of Final Fantasy. I’ve not personally tried this one out, but if you’re curious you can pick it up on Google Play for $19.99.

9. Cognitile

Looking for a good tile-based puzzle game? If so, Cognitile might just be the thing for you with it’s 60 levels of puzzles and unique style of play. It looks to be an Indiana Jones style puzzler and you can check it out for free on Google Play.

10. Greg’s World

Can you absorb your enemies? That’s the question behind Greg’s World a cool little Indie from Johannes Häggqvist. You’ll have to jump and absorb your way through 20 levels of platforming fun, and it’ll only set you back $1.06.

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