RV App Studios releases Astronaut Catcher for Android

RV App Studios releases Astronaut Catcher for Android


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As the year comes to an end a lot of new Android games are coming out of the woodwork, and it’s easy for some cool ones to go unnoticed. Such is the case of Astronaut Catcher the newest release from RV App Studios the folks responsible for the popular Finger Slayer game.

Astronaut Catcher is a game that’s all about Astronauts… and black holes. For once black holes aren’t a means of destruction although they are a means to an end as you’ll use them to suck up little Astronauts to advance to the next stage. You can unleash the black hole by touching the screen; the longer you hold, the bigger it grows. The trick is that you’ll only want to suck in like-colored astronauts, and you’ll lose a life if you suck them up in different colored groups. There’s also a time limit for each stage so while you can wait around for them to float close together, you have to keep an eye on the timer. You’ll also notice coins and gems floating around, and you’ll want to snag them when you can as they’re used to buy power-ups in the shop. By the numbers Astronaut Catcher offers up around 40 levels set across two different areas in Classic Mode to go along with its Zen and Timed modes.

Astronaut Catcher is a great casual game with crisp graphics and a fun atmosphere. The gameplay is simple enough that anyone can play, and it’s got just enough depth with the extra modes to keep you playing. The game is free to download, but it’s ad-supported although they can be removed for a small price. If you want to check it out you can pick up RV App Studios Astronaut Catcher on Google Play.

Astronaut Catcher

RV App Studios

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