Disney offers up some Christmas Fun in Where’s My Holiday? for Android

Where's My Holiday?


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If you’re into puzzlers chances are you’ve played Disney’s Where’s My water? or the follow-up Where’s My Perry? If so, you already know how fun those two games are and Disney’s decided to get in on the Christmas cheer with the newest iteration of the series in Where’s My Holiday?where's my holiday?

It’s Christmas and it seems like Swampy and Perry have gotten themselves into a jam again and you’re going to have to help them out. As with the previous games you’ll have to move water from point A to point B, and you’ll want to try and get 3-duck or 3-gnome levels for the perfect score.

Where’s My Holiday? is actually a mini-game of sorts as you’ll get to help Perry and Swampy in two separate adventures. There are twelve levels in the game to go along with six achievements; each character gets six levels a piece so things are broken up evenly regardless of which character is your favorite.

Where’s My Holiday? is an extremely short, but fun game from Disney that lets you have a little holiday fun with the two popular characters. That being said, it’s a 10-minute game at best which is a little disappointing coming from the House of Mouse. It’s free and it’s Christmas though so I’m not going to complain… especially as I’m a fan and own both of the originals. If you’re down to have some quick fun you can pick up Disney’s Where’s My Holiday? for free on Google Play.

Where’s My Holiday?


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