Chilibite Games releases a new Puzzler in Cross The Line for Android

Cross the Line Android


What’s better than a Puzzle Game? A puzzle game that’s full of mini puzzles. Cross The Line from Chilibite Games is just that as you’ll take on over 100 different challenges that are sure to strain your brain.Cross the Line is a physics-based puzzler that puts your skills to the test as you’ll have to slide a sphere through the goal to get to the next levels. It may sound easy, but don’t let the simple chalkboard background fool you. As you progress through the game the levels are going to get trickier as you’ll have to get around or use different geometric shapes to hit the finish line. The game also throws some stars your way and if you can manage to snag them you’ll unlock additional pages. Cross the Line isn’t packed full of extras, but they do have a global high-score table that lets you track your scores against the best in the world.

I’ve actually covered several of Chilibite’s Games in the past (Stunt Bunnies is awesome) and Cross the Line is a different type of game from the group, but a fun one nonetheless. There are other games out there that use the same type of gameplay, but Cross the Line does things differently and has a style all its own. There isn’t a free version of the game to checkout at this time, but the full version of Cross The Line can be yours for only $1.99.

Cross The Line

Chilibite Games

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