Angry Birds Seasons gets an Update with New Winter Wonderham levels

angry birds winter wonderham

Tis the Season for Angry Birds. Rovio has been dominating our lives for the past few months with new games and cool updates. Well they’re at it again and this time Angry Birds Seasons is getting some love with all new Winter Wonderham levels.

The Angry Birds Seasons update is bringing 25 new levels to the table where you’ll be able to pop piggies in a wintery setting. All your favorite birds are back and while we only get 1 level a day, the levels look great as you can see from the screens. Needless to say if you’re into Angry Birds you’ll want to go play in their quirky Winter Wonderham for a while.

I always enjoy the Angry Birds updates, and this one looks to be just as solid as the rest. There are ads, and yes than can be a little distracting at times but it’s a free game that gets a lot of updates so I’m not really going to complain. If you want to try out the new levels you can just update the game, and if you haven’t already downloaded it yet you can pick up Angry Birds Seasons for free on Google Play.

Angry Birds Seasons

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