Act like a Farmer with Giants Software’s Farm Simulator for Android

Act like a Farmer with Giants Software’s Farm Simulator for Android


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If you’re lazy, but have always dreamed of being a farmer today’s your lucky day. Farming Simulator for Android is a creation from GIANTS Software and as the name implies, it lets you simulate being a hard working farmer without even breaking a sweat.

Farm Simulator for Android is a game that’s all about farming, but you won’t go about it with a hoe the old fashioned way. Instead you’ll mount up on a massive machine and start your farming enterprise behind the wheel as you plant and cultivate fields. You’ll have to choose seeds, and use the right fertilizer to get a successful haul, and you’ll need to bring in great crops to earn money for better equipment. It’s an endless cycle, but it’s a fun one nonetheless.

I’ve been hearing all sorts of things about Farm Simulator and have been anxious to get my hands on the Android version for a while now. I haven’t had a chance to play it yet (downloading as I type), but it certainly looks interesting… especially if you dig simulation games. There’s no demo available at this time, but the full version can be yours for only $1.00.

Farming Simulator

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