Take on the Zombies in FT Games Zombie Evil for Android

Take on the Zombies in FT Games Zombie Evil for Android


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Feelingtouch Inc. may have shortened their name to FT Games, but they’re still popping out fun Android games. Their latest goes by the name of Zombie Evil and if you’re into zombehs, it’s a game you’ll want to check out.

The year is 2013 B.C. and humans have been earmarked for extinction by the aptly named Dr. Evil who believes Zombies should rule the world. The mad doctor has put together an evil army and as one of the last mercenaries on earth your job is to put an end to his evil efforts. You’ll do this sitting behind a stack of sandbags as you fire away at the incoming zombie hordes. The gamplay is simple, fast paced, and quite a bit of fun. By the numbers Zombie Evil offers up 3 world maps, 126 levels, 21 different zombies, and 14 deadly firearms. Needless to say the game’s got some depth and you’re going to need your wits and all 14 of the weapons to make it through the game alive.

Funny Google Play description aside (think they meant A.D. not B.C.) Zombie Evil is a cool Zombie shooter and a great way to kill some time. As mentioned the action is pretty intense so don’t get lulled into a false sense of confidence early on or you’ll end up overrun by the undead. If you’re in the mood to save the world and put an end to Dr. Evil’s madness you can head on over to Google Play and pick up Zombie Evil for free.

Zombie Evil


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