Satisfy your Sweet Tooth with Com2uS’s Chocolate Tycoon

Satisfy your Sweet Tooth with Com2uS’s Chocolate Tycoon


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Everyone knows Chocolate is tasty, but it can also be a lot of fun if you’re playing a sweet little game like Com2uS’s Chocolate Tycoon.

Chocolate Tycoon puts you to work as a chocolatier where you’ll have to mix up batches of chocolates with a little help from choki’s and serve customers as they come for your tasty sweets. Making chocolate is simple as you just need to tap on different types milk blocks as they randomly appear and disappear in your chocolate machine. When you touch a block they’ll be added to your ingredients mixing container, and when you get enough milk in the container you’ll feed “choki” to create chocolates. While we’re not exactly sure where those chocolates come from exactly… we’re just going to roll with it. Mixing chocolates is only half the battle though as you’ll also have to keep customers happy as they roll through the door demanding chocolate from the Chocolate Tycoon.

Chocolate Tycoon is a game with a lot going on, and it’s got a unique style all its own. I haven’t delved that deep into the game yet, but there seems to be plenty of upgrades and lots of different shops to fool around in. As usual, it’s an ad-supported game, but it’s free to download and quite a bit of fun. If you’re in the mood for some chocolaty fun you can pick up Com2uS’s Chocolate Tycoon for free on Google Play.

Chocolate Tycoon


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