Saddle Up and Ride Out with Black Water: Duty Calls for Android

Saddle Up and Ride Out with Black Water: Duty Calls for Android


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Ever since I played Red Dead Redemption I’ve longed for more Western themed games, and Brisk Mobile has answered that call with Black Water: Duty Calls for Android. It’s obviously not Red Dead, but it is a Western game that takes you on a wild ride as you try to lay down the law in the town of Black Water.

Black Water: Duty Calls is the story of a man who witnesses a murder and takes over as Sheriff to set things right. Your job is to right the wrongs of Black Water and you’ll do that by engaging in gunfights, chasing bank robbers, rescuing stage coaches, and going after runaway trains. You’ll do all these things in many different locales including the desert, rivers, towns, and valleys. One of my favorite parts of any game is the arsenal and Black Water: Duty Calls certainly doesn’t disappoint in that area. You’ll get to choose from 30 deadly weapons to go along with more than 50 skill upgrades including ‘quick draw’ as that’s one skill any good gunslinger needs.

While I haven’t got a chance to play Black Water: Duty Calls yet, it looks like it’s going to be a great game and it’s certainly nothing to sneeze at in the graphical department. I plan on giving this one a proper run later in the week and if it’s half as good as it looks I’ll let you know. In the meantime, if you’d like to try it out for yourself you can pick up Brisk Mobile’s Black Water: Duty Calls for $1.99 on Google Play.

Black Water: Duty Calls

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