Pick them All in Rayark’s Mandora for Android

Pick them All in Rayark’s Mandora for Android


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Rayark caught our attention a little while back with their trippy musical game Cytus, and now they’re back with Mandora for Android. Where Cytus was all about the tunes, Mandora is all about farming  as you’re only goal is to pull odd little “plantimals” from the ground. mandora android

Mandora takes place in a mystical place called Moonycat Village where Wizards go to practice their farming. Mandora creatures are a kind of animal/plant hybrid and your job is to pull as many ripe ones as you can from the ground before the timer runs out. You can boost your score by pulling off combos, and snagging some of the rarer Mandoras will have a big impact on your score as well. There are around 25 different species to collect and 35 different ranks you can earn depending on how well you play.

mandora for android

Mandora isn’t quite what I thought it was going to be, but it’s good for some quick fun nonetheless. The game has a great style and while there’s not much depth the world of the Mandoras is a cute one folks should enjoy. The theme song is beyond catchy too; you’ll see what I mean rather quickly when you fire up the game and you’ll probably hear it ringing in your head long after you turn it off. If you want to give it a go you can pick up Rayark Inc.’s, Mandora for free on Google Play.


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