Noodlecake Studios releases Pixel Twist for Android

Noodlecake Studios releases Pixel Twist for Android

Half the world is probably busy playing Angry Birds Star Wars right now, and if you’re looking for a nice change of pace we’ve got just the thing. Pixel Twist is the latest Android game Noodlecake Studios, and if pixely puzzles are your thing it’s a game you’ll definitely want to check out.

Pixel Twist puts you to work twisting pixely puzzles to form an image given for each stage. You start out with 45 seconds and the goal of completing each puzzle as quickly as possible; if you complete a puzzle you get some more time, and when the timer runs out you have to start from scratch. You concept is a simple as is the gameplay, but the puzzles are pretty damned tricky at times. There is a hint button you can hit up if you get stuck, but it only seems to appear after a certain amount of time has ticked off so you won’t be able to just cheat your way through the game. There are over 90 puzzles in Pixel Twist, and they vary wildly from one to the next. So far I’ve twisted up pixely puzzles of envelopes, strawberries, manta rays, and the Mona Lisa just to name a few. Every puzzle you complete is added to a gallery, and there’s even an extra timed game mode dubbed ten on time.

Pixel Twist was originally a flash game by the name of Coign of Vantage from bobblebrook, and it’s nice to see an Android version of the game thanks to Noodlecake. It’s definitely a different kind of game, but it’s quite a bit of fun and it has a peaceful kind of gameplay which is a nice change of pace. If you dig pixels or puzzles it’s a game you won’t want to miss and you can pick it up for free on Google Play.

Pixel Twist

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