Keep your Eyes on the Balls in Rabbx Inc’s TNNS for Android

Keep your Eyes on the Balls in Rabbx Inc’s TNNS for Android


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You may not know the name Action Entertainment Studios, but you’ll remember it for sure after spending some time with their new Android Game TNNS. In case you’re wondering TNNS actually stands for Tennis, and while the game is hard to explain its loads of fun to play.

The premise behind TNNS is simple as you just need to get hit a ball into the target (star in a box) on each stage to progress to the next, and if the ball gets past your paddle it’s game over. Getting that ball to the target isn’t going to be easy either as each level is full of frustratingly fun obstacles like blocks and bumper arrows. The fun comes into play as you can “bend” your balls to try and get around tricky hazards like the black holes which are truly a pain in the ass. If you like your games with a lot of levels TNNS has you covered with its 500 hand-crafted levels stages. The stages vary wildly from one to the next and get much, much trickier as the levels progress. TNNS has a shop full of in-app purchases if you want to spruce things up a bit, and if you want to buy stars instead of earn them the prices are great.

TNNS is an interesting game to say the least and there’s definitely more to it than meets the eye. The game has plenty of depth, and there seem to be a lot of power-ups and customization options as well. There isn’t a demo version of the game at the moment, but the full version can be yours for the low price of $1.99. If you’re looking for some quick physics-based fun you can pick up Action Button Entertainment & Rabbx Inc’s TNNS on Google Play.


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