Kairosoft brings Pyramid Kingdom Excavation to Android

Kairosoft brings Pyramid Kingdom Excavation to Android


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I always look forward to Kairosoft’s releases and it looks like we’re going to have a new one soon with Pyramid Kingdom Excavation. Egypt and Mummies done up in Kairosoft’s quirky style? Count me in…

The Japanese version of Pyramid Kingdom Excavation was released onto Google Play last week and if Kairosoft sticks to its usual plans we should see the English version in around a month. As for the game itself, it looks to be a doozy. From the translated description it looks like you’ll get to build facilities inside your pyramid and trade with civilizations from around the world as you try to get those all-important tourist dollars. There is mention of cobra’s and mummies along with the message that we’ll be “competing for beauty and functionality” and that we’re building a “civilization beyond time and space”. Gotta’ love Google translate…

Pyramid Kingdom Excavation sounds like it’s going to be another great game from the mysterious folks at Kairosoft, and I am definitely looking forward to it. I still haven’t forgotten about “Your Dream House” though which is sitting on Google Play untranslated at the moment. The Japanese version of Pyramid Kingdom Story is available now for $5.66 if you’re just dying to check it out, and we’ll let you know as soon as the English version is released.

Pyramid Kingdom Excavation


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