Game Review: Hanger for Android
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Game Review: Hanger for Android

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People have been swinging through video games on ropes since the days of Pitfall, and a new Android game called Hanger is the latest to take a crack at the rope swinging genre.Hanger lets you take control of a slew of ragdoll people with the goal of simply making it through a stage alive. Your means of travel is by rope and the way you go about swinging is a whole lotta’ fun. There are two arrows on the bottom of the screen; one swings you left while the other sends you to the right. When you tap button on the other side of the screen you let go of the rope, and you simply need to tap it again to send out another one.The weird world of Hanger is filled with dangers so it’s only natural you’re going to take some damage swinging through the worlds. That’s okay though and it’s to be expected… you can keep on going as long as you’ve still got your torso, head, and one arm when you cross the finish line. I actually made it through the first 6 levels afraid to hit anything before I learned I could cross the line half dead.Hanger offers up 30 funky levels set across 2 different worlds dubbed Hanging Around and Hangover. Each level has a 3-star solution and you’ll need to get 30 stars to make it to the second world. Hanger has an Endless mode in addition to the regular levels; the endless modes involve various monsters chasing you while you swing to see how far you can get. There are 4 different themed endless modes, and each is one is just a little trippier than the last.I actually thought Hanger was a little too easy at first, but by the 8th level my 3-star ratings had dropping drastically. The levels are well done with a unique style, and the swinging physics are dead on. The only negative I could find is with the game’s length; the levels go by pretty quickly so 30 levels won’t last long for some gamers. Endless Mode does add some more depth to the game though, and more levels are listed as coming soon. If you’d like to give it a run you can pick up A Small Game’s Hanger on Google Play for $0.99.


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Rating: 8.6/10 (5 votes cast)
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Game Review: Hanger for Android, 8.6 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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