Draw your Adventure in Draw a Stickman: Epic for Android

Draw your Adventure in Draw a Stickman: Epic for Android


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Doodle games are a dime a dozen, but occasionally you come across something new. Draw a Stickman: Epic is an Android game that definitely brings something new to the table as you’ll quickly find out when you draw your first stickman.

Draw a Stickman: Epic is an adventure game that lets you guide your own stickly hero on a quest to save his love. The game actually lets you draw your very own hero and you’ll use powered-up pencils to get you through the game world. The first thing I encountered was the fire pencil, so I drew a fire on a tree. The tree burned, but what I didn’t expect was for the bushes around it to catch fire as well as the rabbit that was right next to it. I drew a pretty big fire. Each level has several different paths to choose from which can affect the level that comes next, and there are hidden things to find like puzzle pieces and comic strips.

I enjoyed the brief time I spent with Draw a Stickman: Epic and the non-linear which gameplay works well and drawing things that interact with your environment is loads of fun. The only bad thing I can say about Draw a Stickman: Epic is that I did have some random force close issues and the ads are a pain in the ass. That being said it’s in the free version and you shouldn’t have to worry about the ads if you spend $0.99 on the full version. If you’re ready to embark on an epic adventure you can pick up Hitcents Draw a Stickman: Epic on Google Play.

Draw a Stickman: epic


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