Command a Starship in Square Particle Corp’s Bridge Captain for Android

Command a Starship in Square Particle Corp’s Bridge Captain for Android


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There are plenty of space shooters out there, but good space sims are few and far between. Bridge Captain is an interesting new space sim that looks to change that as you’ll quickly find out when you take the helm of your cruiser and head off into deep space.

Bridge Captain puts in charge of a star cruiser and sends you out into space on a mission to find a missing ship full of diplomats. As you’re the captain you’ll get to decide how you’re going to go about getting things done which is where the fun comes in. Bridge Captain lets you take on all sorts of tasks ranging from interrogations to planet scanning and you’ll get to deal with your enemies through bribery or brutality… it’s your choice, you’re the Captain. Everything is done through a series of interactive menus that are easy to use and work well to simulate the bridge of a star ship.

I’m a sucker for space sims and Bridge Captain has a lot of promise. The game was originally made for tablets (runs great on my phone as well) for the Ludum Dare 30 Day Indie Challenge so it is a bit light on content right now which is to be expected. It does not have a save feature at the moment though which kind of kills things a bit. The developers have said that the save features is on the way and if there is enough interest they plan on expanding the game with all sorts of new additions. Get interested people… Bridge Commander could be a hell of a game. If you’d like to give it a go you can pick up Square Particle Corp’s Bridge Captain for $1.00 on Google Play.

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