Cole Powered Games releases MegaCity for Android

Cole Powered Games releases MegaCity for Android


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Yesterday we got an interesting new Android building game from Cole Powered Games called MegaCity. This popular iOS puzzler has finally found its way to Android and after spending half an hour with it I honestly say it’s one of the more interesting building games I’ve played this year.

MegaCity is not your average building game as you’re not going to go around building smurfy little huts or villages full of animals. MegaCity is a city building “puzzle game” where you’re tasked with laying out buildings to earn points which sounds much easier than it actually is. Your goal is to strategically place “good” buildings around the playing field which if done correctly will raise the property values of the slummy buildings on the map. As you progress new buildings will be unlocked to extend the gameplay and needless to say it’s quite a bit of fun.

MegaCity is a slick town building game that really requires you to use your brain to plan ahead or you’ll run the risk of getting jammed up later in the game. There are dozens of buildings to put up and there’s even a challenge mode that helps to extend the gameplay a bit if things get stale. There’s no free version available to try, but you can get the full version of MegaCity for $0.99 on Google Play.


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