Codestalkers releases Everland: Unleash the Magic for Android

Codestalkers releases Everland: Unleash the Magic for Android


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If you’re an RPG junkie there’s a new Android game you may just want to check out from Codestalkers called Everland: Unleash the Magic.

Everland: Unleash the Magic takes place in a magical world where the forces of darkness have come to destroy the Kingdom of Everland. You’ll take control of a warrior who’s skilled in the arts of war and magic as you try and beat back evil to save the Kingdom. Everland: Unleash the Magic has a leveling system that allows you to upgrade your characters attributes and spells up to level 20. There are a slew of different spells you can use on against deadly foes and the game has 4 levels of difficulty to play through.everland unleash the magic

Everland: Unleash the Magic just dropped earlier today and while I haven’t given it a run yet it looks like an interesting game. I’m a sucker for RPG’s and while the graphics initially caught my eye the trailer got my full attention. If it’s half as good as it looks expect a full write-up in the near future. If you want to try it out for yourself you can pick up Codestalkers Everland: Unleash the Magic for $2.59 on Google Play.

Everland: Unleash the Magic


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