AMT Games unleashes OutFight for Android

AMT Games unleashes OutFight for Android


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OutFight is a new Android game from AMT Games that puts your skills to the test as you attempt to build an empire on the ruins of an old world. It’s a Tower Defense game of sorts, but it does manage to stand out from the crowd as not many TD games are using the Rock, Paper, Scissors formula these days…

Strategy is the name of the game in OutFight as you’ll have to work quickly to take over towers before you’re opponent does in order to conquer each stage. The units are setup in kind of a Rock, Paper, Scissors kind of way; basically you’ve got clubmen/rock, airmen/paper, and electricians/scissors. It’s a bit of a strange setup, but it works well nonetheless. OutFight is a large game with over 40 unique levels, 13 game modes, and 10 talents with 3 upgrades a piece. That’s not counting the 30 achievements or taking into account that we’re just talking about the free version… the full version adds even more gaming goodness.

I really didn’t expect that much from OutFight at first, but before long an hour had passed and I was still trying to take down towers. Needless to say it’s a good time and as mentioned there’s plenty of depth as well. If you want to give it a go the free version of OutFight is packed full of features while the Gold version gives you more levels, powerful spells, and extra upgrade talents for $2.99. Both versions of AMT Games OutFight are available to download on Google Play.


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