Acne Play releases My Little Hero for Android

Acne Play releases My Little Hero for Android


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Acne Play has put out a couple of nice looking Android Games in the past few weeks, and their newest one takes you on quite the trip. My Little Hero is the story of a little boy named Billy, his favorite stuffed animal, and the big baddie known as The Boogeyman…

My Little Hero is the story of a boy whose best friend Pinky (stuffed animal) has been stolen by the nefarious Boogeyman. This means Billy’s going to have to head into the creepy closet to rescue Pinky, and you’re going to help him out as it’s not an ordinary closet but an entrance into dream world. As magical as dream world sounds it’s not what it used to be thanks to the evil Boogeyman and his cronies. Normally this is the part where I go into how many levels there are or talk about another aspect of the game, but this is all I’ve got as I couldn’t get My Little Hero to run on my S3.

My Little Hero is a great looking game with an interesting storyline, and I look forward to giving it a go when I’m able to run it. I’ve been playing their other release Pizza Boy for about a week, and My Little Hero looks to be just as good albeit totally different. Expect a full review of My Little Hero as soon as I get it going (I’m a man of many devices), if you want to check it out for yourself you can snag it for $2.25 on Google Play.

My Little Hero

Acne Play

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