Weird Game of the Week – Coolbutt… The Flying Butt

Weird Game of the Week – Coolbutt… The Flying Butt


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For the past few weeks we’ve been doing a ‘Weird Game of the Week’ feature, and this week’s game takes the cake. CoolButt is an Android game from inforino and it’s all about butts… well one butt, but this butt has wings.

CoolButt is the story of a space traveling butt by the name of Ms. Greedass who also happens to be a sticky fingered thief… let that sink in for a minute. One day as she was zipping through the universe stealing things she crashed into an asteroid which shattered her ship and your goal is to help her put it back together again so she can get back home. You’ll do this by flying through hazard filled stages with the wings attached to your arse, and by tilting your advice. As you can see from the screens it’s a pretty crazy world as there are flying noses, chompy teeth, and toilet portals galore. By the numbers Coolbutt offers gamers around 6 levels set across 5 different plants and more butts than you’re likely to see in any other videogame.

As strange as Coolbutt is, it’s actually quite a bit of fun. Floating/Flying through the levels gets pretty damned tricky as the game progresses, and as goofy as the premise is I’ll be playing this one for a while as I’m curious to see what kind of strange creatures await. If you’d like to float around as Ms. Greedass you can pick up inforino’s CoolButt for free on Google Play.



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