Weird Android Game of the Week – Glucosamine from Hamon

Weird Android Game of the Week – Glucosamine from Hamon


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From time to time we like to showcase an Android game that’s truly a little bizarre. Glucosamine is our pick for this week and with good reason unless you think high jumping Sumo Wrestlers are the norm…

Glucosamine is the tale of a Sumo Wrestler who enjoys jumping. That’s really the best way to describe it as the market description basically says “Turn the knee! Fly in the sky! Come on! Glucosamine!” When you fire up the game you’re taken to a screen with a fat little Sumo Wrestler and an arrow showing him in a semi-squatting position. You’ll drag your finger back and forth across the arrow as fast as you can and after a short amount of time you’ll get a launch button to press which sends your Sumo Wrestler flying through the air. When he “lands” you’ll get a score and that’s basically it. No options, no extras or leaderboards, you just get to try and beat your best score. What does Glucosamine actually have to do with it? I have no idea…

The star of Glucosamine is obviously the happy Sumo Wrestler and we’re guessing he’s happy because he likes to fly in the sky and land awkwardly. The background music is catchy but set on a very short loop and oddly enough if fits the game to a tee. It’s weird, kind of fun in a really bizarre way, and totally free to download on Google Play.



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