Top 10 Android Games of the Week – October 7, 2012

Top 10 Android Games of the Week – October 7, 2012

We’re back yet again with another list of our Top 10 Android Games of the Week. This week’s list offers up an apocalyptic plague, a league full of evil supervillians, a high-end basketball game, an arcade classic redone, and a few horses. If you’re looking for a great game we’ve got you covered so without further ado we proudly present our picks for the Top 10 Android Games of the Week.

1.Plague Inc.

Plague Inc. is the latest apocalyptic game to come our way and it’s a good one. You’ll get to engineer your very own virus and try to annihilate everyone on the face of the earth with it. Your disease is fully customizable, and the games pretty deep as well with multiple difficulties and lots of goodies to unlock. If you’re ready to devastate the world you can head on over to Google Play and pick up Plague Inc. for free.

2. NBA 2K13

As we reported earlier this week, 2K Games released NBA 2K13 for Android. It’s the most full-fledged basketball game you can get on your mobile, and while there are a few shortcomings for the most part it’s a very, very solid game. You can read a bit more about it here or head on over to Google Play and pick it up for $7.99.

3. Big Win Football 

Big Win Football is the latest and greatest from the folks at Hothead games, and if you like their other sports titles you’ll love this one. You’ll get to piece together your own Football team from packs and then duke it out online with opponents from around the world. Great game and just like their other sports sims it’s free to download, but with a hefty dose of in-app purchases.

4. Zaxxon Escape

As mentioned a few days ago on our sister-site, Zaxxon Escape has arrived and so far it’s been well worth the wait. The new iteration of the game puts you to work trying to escape Zaxxon’s asteroid city and you’re going to have to navigate through a lot of tight spaces to make it out alive. It’s a nice take on a retro classic and you can get it for $0.99 on Google Play.

5. League of Evil

Noodlecake Studios latest Android game pits you against the legendary League of Evil where you’ll have to button-mash your way to victory in true retro fashion. You’ll get 160 mini-levels to play through set in different locations and there are more pixely decapitations than you’ve probably ever seen. There’s a free version of League of Evil you can checkout while the paid version is a steal at only a buck.

6. Heritage

If you like Samurai’s (who doesn’t) then Heritage is a game that may tickle your fancy. Heritage lets you use swipe based combat dual against all sorts of Samurai as you try and get your peoples Temple back. It’s a tough game and while there’s no free version available the full version is well worth the $2.55 price tag.

7. My Horse

If you’re into simulators an interesting one was released this week with Natural Motion Games My Horse. As the name implies you’ll be able to take care of a virtual horse by grooming it, entering it in competitions, and basically doing all your daily horse duties. My Horse is a great looking game, and there seems to be some depth to it so it’s well worth a look if you’re into sims.

8. Bud Trimmer HD

If you’re a Stoner you’re in for a treat this week as Weed Maps released BudTrimmer HD. It’s a high-end bud slicing game that puts you to work trimming buds as they appear on screen Fruit Ninja style. You’ll want to slice the good buds and stay away from the bugs as you try to be the best bud trimmer around. If you want to give Bud Trimmer HD a shot you can snag it for free on Google Play.

9. Hellfire

Hellfire is the latest game from Mobage and while I havne’t had a chance to give it a go yet it certainly looks interesting. It’s an action game set in a fantasy world where you’ll use elemental power and creatures against slews of enemies. I know the creatures evolve and that the game boasts 15 worlds with 600 chapters which sounds insanely massive. If you want to try it out you can get Hellfire for free on Google Play.

10. Chk Chk Boom

Chk Chk Boom is a colorful new board game from the folks at Manly Cove Trading based on the Chinese board game BanQi. It’s one of those games that’s kind of hard to describe, but it’s also quite a bit of fun and it’s free to download on Google Play.

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