Sumioni Demon Arts THD hits Google Play

Sumioni Demon Arts THD hits Google Play


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The Tegra Zone got two interesting games yesterday, and since we’ve already talked about Razor Salvation we’re now going to look at Sumioni Demon Arts from the Acquire Corporation. The games are both Tegra 3 game, but couldn’t be more different as Razor is a shoot em’ up while Sumioni is a game with a unique artistic style.

Sumioni Demon Arts is a unique game on several different fronts. For starters you play an Ink Demon which I’m positive has to be a video game first. The other unique aspect of Sumioni Demon Arts is the fact that your weapon is a brush of sorts that you’ll use to paint yourself out of danger. It is a port of a PS Vita game and if it stays true to the original you can expect around 30 levels, 6 “tracks”, and several different endings. Console reviews of the game are mixed with most sites praising it’s look while saying the game falls flat in other areas.

The market description is a bit short so there’s really not a lot to say about the game except that it looks cool and will set you back 12 bucks. As mentioned we’re not sure if it’s a ‘true’ console port or if things have been changed around a bit to make it a little more suitable for mobile devices. The one thing I will say is that if developers expect folks to pay 12 dollars for a mobile game they should put a little more info out there or at least a one level demo. Sumioni Demon Arts THD is only available to folks with a Tegra 3 at this time, and if you want to give it a go you can snag it for $12.83 on Google Play.

Sumioni Demon Arts THD

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