Slice & Dice as a Samurai in Art of Bytes Heritage for Android

Slice & Dice as a Samurai in Art of Bytes Heritage for Android


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Art of Bytes is best known for their Grave Defense games, but yesterday they released something very different and pretty cool in Heritage. I’ll sum it up by saying it’s inspired by the Infinity Blade & Batman games and that it involves Samurai combat. Interested yet?

Heritage lets you step into the role of a Samurai warrior and take on other samurai as you try and get you temple back from the evil guild. The gameplay is similar to Blood & Glory where you’ll slash by swiping, tap to dodge, block, etc… You can use magic to help you out in a pinch, and there are several different items to obtain the can boost your character. The game seems to be laid out to where you fight one warrior after another, but I only played though a few battles so I don’t know how deep Heritage is. I have noticed that there are multiple paths and hidden coins here and there so there’s really no telling what surprises may lay ahead.

I’ll start out by saying Heritage is one of the better looking hack n’ slash games I’ve played lately. While I only gave it a 10 minute play the action was fast and there was more than enough blood to go around. That being said there aren’t many moves (unless you get more later) so I’m hoping it won’t get repetitive after a while. I plan on spending a bit more time with the game over the weekend and will report back next with a more in-depth look at the game. If you want to give it a go now you can pick up Art of Bytes Heritage for $4.49 on Google Play.


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