Quick Look: Madfinger Games Shadowgun Deadzone for Android

Quick Look: Madfinger Games Shadowgun Deadzone for Android


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Yesterday Madfinger Games released the Beta to game a lot of us had been looking forward to in Shadowgun: Deadzone. Unfortunately it’s only for people with the Tegra 3 device at the moment, but luckily I have one and was able to give the game a go last night.

Shadowgun: Deadzone is an extension of the original Shadowgun which was an awesome third-person shooter to say the least. Deadzone is actually a multi-player game though as it allows you to pick a character and duke it out with folks online. Even though it’s in Open Beta it’s still got quite a few features including 4 playable characters, 2 modes, 2 maps, 7 weapons, and 8 gadgets. I was able to get into several quick games last night and am happy to report that I had no issues with the Beta. The game ran as smooth as silk on my Transformer Prime 300 and it didn’t take long before I was taking folks out with the Bandit and the aptly named Shitstorm.

Shadowgun: Deadzone is one of the most polished Betas I’ve played, and needless to say the game looks great. The characters were cool, there are plenty of weapons to play with and most importantly it’s a lot of fun. As it is a Beta I’m curious to see what else we’ll get when the game is complete; there’s a locked shop and research tab, but who knows what else we’ll see in the final product. If you’ve got a Tegra 3 you can pick up Shadowgun: Deadzone for free, if not check back as the Beta should be available to more people soon.

Shadowgun: Deadzone

Madfinger Games

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