Pop a Shot with Space Ball from Dreo

Pop a Shot with Space Ball from Dreo


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The basketball season is sneaking up on us so we thought it was time to check out a new Android basketball game. Space Ball is one of the more unique ones we’ve seen as it’s got plenty of challenges and a few surprises as well.

Space Ball is a ‘Pop a Shot’ style basketball game where you’ll shoot buckets at moving goals. To fire a ball towards the hoop you simply need to drag back and aim which is easy enough, but you’ll also have to track the ball down after a basket as Space Ball isn’t a stationary shooting game. You move your little space baller around by tilting the device which is interested to say the least. Power-ups or special goals also play a large part of the game; anytime you see a goal with a symbol on the backboard you’ll probably want to go for it. Some of the ones I’ve noticed slow things down, let you dunk, and give you multiple balls or bigger hoops. Space Ball has 4 different modes of play with Classic, Timed, TNT, and Ultimate Mode. Each mode is a little different than the next although I didn’t get into the game enough to really go into the differences between them.

Space Ball is a nice little basketball shooter with cool graphics and good depth due to its 4 modes of play. That being said I’m not the biggest fan of the controls and feel like they could use a little tune up, but it’s quite possible I just suck at the game. Either way Space Ball as an interesting basketball game and if you want to give it a go you can snag it for free on Google Play.

Space Ball


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