Hit the Gridiron with Gameloft’s NFL Pro 2013 for Android

Hit the Gridiron with Gameloft’s NFL Pro 2013 for Android


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Today’s a good day to be a Gameloft fan as they’ve released the long awaited Wild Blood, and have just put out their free to play football game in NFL Pro 2013. In this write up we’ll be taking a look at the latter of the two games as it is NFL season, and Gameloft generally doesn’t do the whole F2P thing.

Where to start with this…. NFL Pro 2013 is an NFL game, but only in the loosest sense of the word. You’ll see stadiums and teams, but the player names are NOT the real NFL players which is a major disappointment. Guess Gameloft didn’t get the licensing from the players union, but who knows. You’ll also have access to some good plays all of which require energy and time to learn. Yup, it’s an energy/time based football game… strike two. I will say that NFL Pro 2013 is a good looking game, and the actual gameplay is solid and pretty darned easy to use compared to other football games. That’s honestly about the only nice thing I can say about it so far aside from the fact that they are several modes of play and you can actually manage your team a bit which is a nice touch.

I haven’t played enough of NFL Pro 2013 to pass a final judgment on it, but it’s pretty obvious I’m not a fan so far. I can see what Gameloft is trying to do with the whole F2P football thing, but as a TRUE football fan that loves Madden it just falls flat and feels awkward. Yeah I know it’s not a console game, but after playing NBA2k13 on my tablet I realize that a sports game can be done right for mobiles. Either way it’s a free game and if you’re into football you may want to give it a look. You can pick up Gameloft’s NFL Pro 2013 for free on Google Play.

NFL Pro 2013

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