Help Dodo reach the Stars in Drag It for Android

Help Dodo reach the Stars in Drag It for Android


App Details | Market Link | Developer:  | Rating: () | Installs:  | Price:  | Updated:  | Requires: Android caught my attention earlier this year with Hambo, and now they’re back with another cool Android game by the name of Drag It. While the two games are totally different they do share one trait in common… Physics-based fun.

Drag It is the story of Dodo a baby bird who likes to collect stars. Your job is to help Dodo get to those stars by flinging him onwards and upwards through the levels. The way you go about this is a bit different from most physics flingers as Dodo uses bars & knobs to get around. Each level starts out with Dodo on a bar and you’ll drag the knob back to launch him towards the end of the level. The fun comes in the way you have to shift the bars around and due to the fact that all bars are not created equal. Brown bars will bounce, but blue ones won’t while purple bars change from solid to transparent. Dodo can also be hurt (beware the penguin) so you can’t just fling him around carelessly because once he’s injured 3 times you’ll have to start over from your last checkpoint. It’s harder to describe than it is to play, but it’s definitely a game you’re going to have some fun with

Drag It is a great new game from Miniclip and I have no doubt that it’s going to be a popular one once people start taking notice. It’s challenging, has plenty of levels, and most importantly it’s a lot of fun. You can pick up’s Drag It for free on Google Play.

Drag It


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