Go for the Headshot in Clear Vision 17+ for Android

Go for the Headshot in Clear Vision 17+ for Android


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Stickman Games are a dime a dozen, but none are quite like Clear Vision (17+) from DPFlashes Studios. Clear Vision lets you play the part of an average guy named Tyler who turns to life of Crime as a Stickman Hitman after getting canned from his job at the grocery store.

Clear Vision is a true sniper game, but it’s one with a bit of a storyline as Tyler is a guy that’s been pushed too far and he’s taking out his frustrations by putting bullets into people’s heads. That and he couldn’t get hired for anything else as you’ll see in the funny animated opening sequence. You’ll take on jobs that are slipped under your door and so far they’ve ranged from taking out Principals to d-bag guys that slept with someone’s wife. You’ll get paid for your missions and you’ll use that pay to buy newer rifles which you’ll need when wind and distance come into play. You can also use your hard earned cash to bet on Underground Boxing matches… they are delightfully brutal and fun to watch. A lot of Clear Vision’s early missions were pretty straightforward, but as the game progresses the missions do get trickier and it’s just plain fun taking assassinating stickmen in interesting ways.

Let me start off by saying I love Sniper Games, and have played damn near every one that’s been released for Android. Even though I’m very early in the game I will say that Clear Vision is definitely a great Sniper game and I’m digging the whole Stickman Assassin thing thus far. You can try out the free version of the game called Clear Vision 12+, but the full version of Clear Vision 17+ is a steal at only $0.99.

Clear Vision 17+

DPFlashes Studios

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