Get Down with the Sickness in Plague Inc. for Android

Get Down with the Sickness in Plague Inc. for Android


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We just covered Miniclip’s newest Android game Drag It yesterday, and today we’re back to talk about another release from the team in Plague Inc. In case the name didn’t give it away Plague Inc. is all about death & disease as you’ll try to genetically engineer a super plague to wipe out the world.

Plague Inc. puts you to work as a modern day doom bringer as your only job is to kill every living soul on earth. You start out with a simple virus with a few traits and as the virus spreads you’ll receive DNA points that can be used to increase your viruses chances of spreading. You can change way it’s transmitted, the symptoms, and the plague’s inherent abilities like drug or heat resistance. As your virus spreads and becomes more lethal it’s only natural that the world’s best scientists try and fight it with research so you’ll have to spend your DNA points wisely to alter your infection before the scientists can come up with a cure. Plague Inc. only has one mode of play, but there are a few different levels of difficulty and around 10 different types of unlockable viruses.

Plague Inc is a fun little time killer, and if you like your Android games with a dose of morbid it’s just the thing for you. I was able to easily wipe out the world in my first go round with the game, but it definitely got harder when I changed the difficulty to go for the unlockables. While most of the game runs without your assistance you can’t just put it on autopilot as you’ll need pick up all the DNA points you can get as they appear on the world map. While I only gave it around a 30 minute play, I’ve really enjoyed the game thus far and look forward to trying to unlock all the plagues. If you’re ready to spread disease you can pick up Ndemic Creations & Miniclip’s Plague Inc. for free on Google Play.

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